People who are saying pixiehollow is closed forever need to stop because the website online said its closed, i kept reading everything and i didn’t see a “forever” so there might be a bit of hope for pixiehollow to come back 🙂 



♡ Great Idea ♡

Hey Guys, I have a great idea that Disney should have done. They should have said “NO LONGER UPDATING THIS SITE” instead of “CLOSING FOREVER” because saying that its going to close forever sounds way too harsh to the kids and teens that loved those games.They could have just gave everyone membership and put all of the clothing and items they have had through the past few years back into the shops and i think everyone would be happy and everyone wins lol.

♡ Create A Fairy♡

I found the Pixie Hollow for the Uk but its not the same as the one we played because you cant fly around,buy clothes,upgrade your homes,and talk to fairy friends but it brings back memories from the old Pixie Hollow i’m sure most of you played.Basically in the Uk version you get to make your fairy just like in the old version and decorate a little fairy home and you get to change your clothes with the clothes they give you depending on your talent, sounds just like the old version right?

Heres the link to the game: http://www.disney.co.uk/disney-fairies/create-a-fairy

t girl16